DJUGGLEDY | Diabolo Juggler, Showman, Entertainer,.. from Germany

DJUGGLEDY - Diabolo Artist in Deutsch

Diabolo Juggler

Diabolo Juggler - Showman, Humorista, Jongleur, Malabarista, Clown,..
Diabolo Act / Street Performer / Diabolo Street Show .


Jan Manske is DJuggledy, a virtuoso diabolo juggler
with a unique style and berliner tongue to boot!
With the experience from various shows and projects since 2000, as well as participation in international festivals and events in more than 35 countries, the entertainer,
juggler & showman from Berlin (Germany)
presents his award-winning
Stage- and Streetshow:

"el diabolo"

an energy packed show with banging tunes, comedy and artistic talent!

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Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano