DJUGGLEDY - Diabolo show from Germany with banging tunes, comedy and artistic talent!

tel +49 163 980 53 50

DJUGGLEDY - Diabolo Artist

Diabolo Show

el diabolo

an energy packed diabolo show with banging tunes, comedy and artistic talent!
Awarded with the „Pavè d'Or" at Festival des Artistes de Rue in Vevey / Switzerland
and winner of the „Certamen Intergalactico“ at Festiclown in Vigo / Spain.
DJuggledy is a virtuoso diabolo juggler with a unique style
and a berliner tongue to boot! A Mind full of original tricks an ideas.
Mastering the stage with his spontaneous and extraordinary style, the ‘diabolo-express’
leaves his public laughing, clapping and with their hearts in their mouths.


Festival & Event

• performance space:
  - min. 6m x 8m
  - height: min. 35m

• duration:
  20 or 45 minutes


Variete & Gala

• performance space:
  - min. 3m x 4m
  - ceiling height min. 4m

• duration:
  6 or 12 minutes

Tourdates 2019

1. May ‘MyFest’ Berlin, Germany
9. & 10. May ‘Platz da! Strassentheater-Festival’ Karlsruhe, Germany
25. May ‘Seestadtfest’ Bremerhaven, Germany
31. May Kabaret Kalashnikov @ Zirkus Mond Berlin, Germany
1. June 'Feuerwerksfest' Hannover, Germany
5. June ‘Black & White Theatre Festival’ Imatra, Finnland
6. June Kabaret Kalashnikov @ ‘Black & White Theatre Festival’ Imatra, Finnland
9. & 10. June ‘Aufgespielt!’ Calden, Germany
14. June 'Sommerfest Freie Schule Kreuzberg' Berlin, Germany
15. June ‘private Event’ Berlin, Germany
19. June ‘Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu’ Sibiu, Romania
22. bis 25. June 'Kieler Woche' Kiel, Germany
4. July 'Kosmos-Festival' Chemnitz, Germany
13. July 'Noche de Luna Llena' Segovia, Spain
15.-17. July Kabaret Kalashnikov @ 'Schaubudensommer' Dresden, Germany
26. & 27. July 'StadtSpektakel' Rosenheim, Germany
2. bis 4. Aug. 'O.Z.O.R.A. Festival' Dádpuszta, Hungary
9. & 10. Aug. 'Altstadtzauber' Klagenfurth, Austria
30. Aug. - 1. Sept. ‘Strassentheaterfestival’ Suhl, Germany
6.-8. Sept. 'Schulfrei Festival' Dannecke, Germany
12. bis 16. Sept. 'CO I PIE’ DESCALSI' Vascon di Carbonera (Treviso), Italy
21. Sept. 'Fetes de Wallonie' Andenne, Belgium